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Convenient and comprehensive recycling


  • Premium Recycling (Medium)

    Every month
    +$30 Bin Delivery Fee
    • Collection of paper products, plastics, and metals
    • Collection of specialty materials like glass and styrofoam
    • *18-gallon bin
    • Weekly personalized pick-ups
    • Access to customer portal

 How are we different? 


We accept a wider range of materials, including glass, styrofoam and additional plastics and metals. You can throw it all in one place and we will handle the rest! You also have access to on-demand pickups of specialty items like: hazardous materials, auto-waste, and oversized items.


 A focus on   convenience 

Leave your bin in a location of your choice and we will collect it from that location weekly. Don't worry about waking up to the sound of a waste truck and realizing that you forgot to get your bin out.

With a subscription plan you get complimentary bin cleanouts/replacements as well!

 Let us handle it 

After collecting your waste we take the materials back to our facility and put them through a 3-step sortation/vetting process. We accept items that aren't traditionally recyclable because we have partnered with several businesses that accept diverse materials!


 All at your fingertips 

On our website you can manage your account and plans online, opt to receive updates and pickup confirmations via text/email, provide feedback on your collection experience, request a bin clean-out, and reach out with any questions you may have.

"LOOP's service is great! They take EVERYTHING... and they handle the sorting! We switched over in February and have been very pleased since!"

Paul Rasmussen (Sugarhouse)

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